The South East Kent Astronomical Society (SEKAS) was formed in 1972 by our Hon. President who realised the need for a local, friendly society. It is now an enthusiastic band of members of all ages and backgrounds, and we all share a common interest in the oldest and ever changing science of Astronomy. 

The breadth of our activities range through visual observing, astrophotography, computing, telescope making, solar eclipse “chasing”, meteor watching, aurorae, solar observing, and public stargazing sessions.

Above all, the aim of the society is to encourage and expand the knowledge and interest of each of our members, and to promote a greater general understanding of the night sky and the universe we all share. There are regular meetings and talks, and a programme of evenings designed specifically for night-time observing is always included. This enables the newcomer to be shown the night sky by an experienced and friendly guide. 

The society is a member of the Federation of Astronomical Societies, and SEKAS members are therefore able to take part in the additional events organised by this group of over 120 local astronomical societies.


South East Kent Astronomical Society:

Founded in the early 1970, The South East Kent Astronomical Society (SEKAS) started off as a small group of amateur astronomers with a passion for the night sky

From Humble Beginnings

Over the years, our society has grown into a thriving community of over 100 members, dedicated to exploring the wonders of the universe.

Sharing Our Passion

SEKAS is proud to have spread our love for astronomy to the local community through our outreach programs and educational events.

A Mission to Inspire

Our mission is to inspire and educate people of all ages about astronomy and the beauty and complexity of our universe.

Join Us in Our Journey

Whether you are an experienced astronomer or simply curious about the night sky, we welcome you to become a part of our growing community at SEKAS.

Taking Astronomy to the Local Communities


We believe that astronomy should be accessible and enjoyable for everyone. That’s why we strive to create an inclusive and educational environment within our local communities.


Open to all


Fostering learning


Bringing people together

Promoting the Hobby

Inspiring a love for astronomy


Experience the wonders of the universe with us through our various activities and events.

Stargazing Parties

Join us in our stargazing parties as we explore different constellations and celestial objects.


Learn the basics of astronomy and how to use telescopes and other equipment in our workshops.

Guest Speakers

Listen to talks and presentations by renowned guest speakers in the field of astronomy.

Special Events

Attend special events like meteor showers and eclipses with our society and have a truly memorable experience.

Meet Our Committee

Get to know the dedicated volunteers who make South East Kent Astronomical Society possible.

Paul Andrew

Hon President

Ben Harding

CSO Editor
Eclipse Editor
Sekas  Chairman

Sekas Editor

Sekas CSO Editor

Ellen Bishop

Sekas Tresurer

Paul Thomsett

Membership Secretary

Steven Hutchings

Observatory Director
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Ashley Fuggle

Paddock Director

Andrew R Brown

Programme Secretary
Sekas Constitution

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Child Protection Policy

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Risk assessment Policy

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Hear From Our Members:

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